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Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Ramen”? Is it the same as Vietnamese Pho?

  No. It is Japanese Noodle Soup.

What is in the ramen? What all comes with the ramen?

It’s written on the menu, under the section marked “Japanese Ramen”.

I just asked for the HBC Ramen combo. Why are you looking at me like that?

You didn’t tell me what type of ramen you want in the combo.

Why is the ramen so expensive here?

It’s not. You’re just used to the $.49 microwave type.

How hot is the Hellfire Ramen?

3 out of 5, which is also the same as 6 out of 10.

What/Where are the “Sides”?

Cleverly hidden on the outlined box, in the center of the menu, marked “Sides”.

What’s a fried biscuit?

Ugh…GGGGGrrrrrrrr! Use your imagination for a second. Biscuits are typically baked right? So a fried biscuit is….? YES! Fried! Who knew?

Can you make my Hellfire Ramen/Spicy Po Boy/MK50 “medium” spice?


Why didn’t you give me a fork with my fried chicken?

Because it’s fried chicken, which typically connotes finger food. But if you are one of “those” people, then please ask for one.

Do we have to clean the tables?

No, but if you throw away the paper and Styrofoam items on your way out, we’re totally ok with that.

Do you take reservations?

Sort of…talk with the owner.

Do you have a kids menu?


Do you do catering for parties and events?


Why Chicken and Ramen?

Why not?

Do you do Gluten free food?

We offer rice noodles for ramen that are gluten free. Otherwise, you are the expert on what you can eat/not eat.

Do you have a Vegan menu?

No. We only offer a Vegan ramen.

Can I have 5 wings?


Do you make the sweet tea/deserts/potato salad? and why?

No. Our staff is small and we are not looking to be known for any of those items.

Do you have Ketchup, Hot Sauce, Tartar or Mustard?

Yes, in the box marked “Condiments”

Do you have Sweet or Unsweet tea?

Yes, on the table next to the Coke machine.

Why did those people get their food before me, when I ordered first?

They ordered something that took less time.

Why don’t you bring all the items out at once?

There is very limited space to “hold” prepared items once completed, so better to be on the table with you, right?

I spilled my drink everywhere. Do you mind if I just sneak out and not say anything?


Can I take the ramen spoon? Can I steal the ramen spoon?

Yes, but I really, REALLY prefer you not. They do cost money and the next person after you would like a spoon to eat with. If you really want one, I will sell it to you for $2.

I didn’t like the food that I chose. What are you going to do about it?

Maybe something, maybe nothing. Ask for the owner or manager.

I perceive there is something wrong with my food. Should I push it away and leave mad without saying anything?

Probably not. The only way it may get resolved positively is if you bring it to the staff’s attention so it can be addressed. Maybe it was a genuine oversight in the kitchen, or maybe just a lack of knowledge on your part. Tell us so we can figure it out together.

Were you stationed in Japan?


Do you deliver?

Not at this time. Maybe in the future.

Did you fly the aircraft pictured on the wall?


Did you take the pictures on the wall?


Is it ok to put the hand towels in the toilet and flush?

No…no it’s not. Not here, not anywhere.

The game is on, can you change the channel on the TV so I can watch it?


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