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The Hangar Bay Café and Gallery is a compilation of concepts:

The “Hangar Bay” is the area of a ship where the aircraft “live” during the deployment. The Air Department conducts helicopter maintenance and operations from there.

The “Café”, first and foremost, is where we serve comfort food…without pretense or fanfare. The menu choices are eclectic by design. We are not a Japanese restaurant nor are we a Soul food place.  Everything on the menu is good, so feel free to try a dish today and something different next time. We do not purport to be particularly good at anything, but if people like what we are doing, that is awesome.

Our Special Menu

M. Canamare

Mayport, Florida

Food was good staff friendly. Decor battle ship grey lots of interesting military (Navy) pictures and models. Will eat there again.


F. Simpson

Mayport, Florida

Definitely a hidden gem of Mayport and doesn’t receive enough recognition, in my opinion. The staff is very friendly and the food is amazing! You definitely get a mixture of a Southern cuisine with a Japanese twist. Highly recommended!


E. McMillan

Mayport, Florida

The owner was so kind and helpful. I’m very impressed with the food and the dining experience as a whole. Highly recommend to anyone looking for traditional ramen and/or home cooked meal options. Delicious! Will be back again and again

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Fried Chicken & Ramen

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